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Appeal from Agency Denial of Access to Personal Records

Salaries & Employment Information about Consultants’ Employees

The state Office of Information Practices is pleased to release the attached report based on information posted by 174 agencies on the Master UIPA Record Request Year-End Log for FY 2014 (Master Log), at  Overall, the data shows that the typical record request was granted in whole or in part and was completed within ...
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Certified Mail Documents Not in Agency Records

Following the first decking deadline for bills that will cross over to the non-originating body, here is an update from the state Office of Information Practices (OIP) regarding bills that directly relate to OIP or the laws it administers. HB 461 / SB 472, SD 1 – Relating to the Office of Information Practices. Transfers OIP ...
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Records Containing Predecisional and Deliberative Material