U Memo 15-11

Posted on Mar 30, 2015 in Informal Opinions - UIPA Opinions

U Memo 15-11
March 30, 2015
Appeal from Agency Denial of
Access to Personal Records

Requester asked whether the Department of Public Safety (PSD) properly denied him access under Part III of the UIPA to a copy of a complaint made against him (Complaint).

Part III of the UIPA (Part III) governs access to the Requester’s personal record.  OIP found that since the Complaint constitutes “information about an individual,” namely Requester, the Complaint is a personal record.  Applying Part III, the Complaint is exempted from disclosure because it is inextricably intertwined with the identity of a source who provided information under an implied promise of confidentiality.  HRS § 92F-22(2) (2012).