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Hawaii’s State Calendar (meeting notices of State boards and commissions)
Maui County Calendar
Hawaii County Calendar
Kauai County Calendar
City and County of Honolulu Calendar

Proposed administrative rules
Hawaii State Government
Hawaii’s Campaign Spending Commission
Hawaii’s Office of Elections
Hawaii’s State Ethics Commission

City and County of Honolulu Ethics Commission
Maui County Board of Ethics
Hawaii County Boards and Commissions
Kauai County Board of Ethics


Open Data Sites

Office of Information Policy, Dept. of Justice

Summary of Annual FOIA Reports for Fiscal Year 2016
(Every year, the Office of Information Policy (OIP) compiles a summary of the
information contained in the Annual FOIA Reports that are prepared by each of the federal
agencies subject to the FOIA. The Annual FOIA Reports contain detailed statistics on
agencies’ FOIA activities, including the number of FOIA requests and appeals received,
processed, and pending.)

Federal Privacy Council

COGEL (Council on Governmental Ethics Laws)

Access Reports (includes FOIA and other federal statutes)
Electronic Privacy Information Center
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

National Freedom of Information Coalition

California: First Amendment Coalition
California: First Amendment Project

Connecticut: Freedom of Information Commission

Indiana: Public Access Counselor
Massachusetts: Public Records Division

New Jersey: Government Records Council
New Mexico: Foundation for Open Government
New York: Committee on Open Government

Virginia: Freedom of Information Advisory Council
Virginia: Virginia Coalition for Open Government
Wisconsin: Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council


Canada: The Government of Canada’s Open Government Site

Canada: Privacy Commissioner of Canada
Canada: Office of the Information Commissioner
Canada: Justice Laws Website: Access to Information Act

Alberta: Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy
British Columbia: Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner

Newfoundland and Labrador: Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner 
Ontario: Information and Privacy Commissioner

Quebec: Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner

Saskatchewan: Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner
Yukon: Ombudsman and Information and Privacy Commissioner


Open Data Sites

Australia: Federal Privacy Commissioner

Hong Kong: Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data

Iceland: International Modern Media Institute

Ireland: Office of the Information Commissioner

Mexico: Federal Institute of Access to Public Information

New Zealand: Office of the Privacy Commissioner

United Kingdom: Information Commissioner

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