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S Memo 12-2

Posted on Jul 20, 2011 in Informal Opinions - Sunshine Law

Application of Sunshine Law to Hawaii Forest Stewardship Advisory Committee

OIP administers Hawaii’s open government laws: the Uniform Information Practices Act (“UIPA,” Chapter 92F, H.R.S.) mandating open access to public records and the “Sunshine Law” (Part I of Chapter 92, H.R.S.) requiring open public meetings. OIP also maintains the Records Report System, which is an internet database identifying over 27,000 titles of records maintained by ...
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Utah: HB477 and Utah’s open government law … On March 25, 2011, after a special session, Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert repealed a controversial bill that had been passed by the Legislature on March 7 and signed by him on March 8. HB 477 would have changed the state’s Government Records Access and Management Act ...
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S Memo 12-1

Posted on Jul 12, 2011 in Informal Opinions - Sunshine Law

Application of Sunshine Law to 2011 Reapportionment Commission

Reasonableness of Fees and Costs

Similar to many state agencies, OIP has had a reduction in staff and staff hours and may be facing further budget restrictions in the coming months. To provide assistance to the greatest number of individuals, boards, and agencies requesting OIP’s services, OIP is instituting measures that it believes will best utilize its limited resources to ...
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