Posted on Aug 25, 2022 in Featured, What's New

The State Office of Information Practices (OIP) has updated the materials on its Training page to incorporate the Sunshine Law changes that were previously described in What’s New articles and went into effect in July 2022.

The revised training materials, including the statute, quiz, and video summarizing the Sunshine Law, now reflect the changes made by Act 264, SLH 2022, which prohibits boards from taking oral testimony only at the beginning of a board’s agenda or meeting.  If board packets are prepared, then the public version of the board packet must be made available for public inspection in the board’s office no later than 48 hours before the meeting time.  Act 264 also creates a new permitted interaction that allows a board to submit legislative testimony based on a statement regarding a position previously adopted by the board, with several restrictions requiring the online posting of the position, testimony, and written drafts and communications among board members about the statement.

OIP’s training materials were also amended to reflect the provisions of Act 177, SLH 2022, which requires minors present during a remote board meeting to be identified only if they have a personal business, property, or financial interest in an issue before the board at that meeting.

Additionally, the form to request OIP’s concurrence for a limited meeting has been revised.

While a revised two-part basic training video of the Sunshine Law will be posted soon, all other training materials affected by the recent statutory amendments have been updated.

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