U Memo 18-12

Posted on Jun 28, 2018 in Informal Opinions - UIPA Opinions

U Memo 18-12
June 28, 2018
Interview Materials

Requester sought a decision as to whether the Department of Budget and Finance (B&F) properly denied under Parts II and III of the UIPA his request for interview materials used in the job interview process.

OIP found that some of the records sought by Requester are personal records “about” Requester under Part III of the UIPA and some of the records are government records not about Requester under Part II of the UIPA.  As to those records that B&F asserted do not exist because they were never created, OIP declined to require B&F to conduct a search for such records and concluded that B&F’s response was proper.

With respect to the personal records about Requester, OIP concluded that B&F may withhold the interview questions and interviewers’ notes under section 92F-22(3), Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS).  As to the government records responsive to Requester’s request for standards and procedures, OIP concluded that the other applicants’ names on the Selection Report may be withheld under section 92F-13(3), HRS, but the Guidelines for Recruitment Process, Introduction Sheet, and Interview Ratings must be disclosed as no exception in Part II of the UIPA authorizes B&F to withhold these records.  Finally, any information identifying position titles, position numbers, departments, and names of government employees must be disclosed under section 92F-12(a)(14), HRS.