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Here are brief descriptions and links to OIP’s training guides and videos explaining the UIPA and Sunshine Law.



The Law
Uniform Information Practices Act (Modified), Chapter 92F, Hawaii Revised Statutes (“UIPA”)

Quick Guide to OIP’s Administrative Rules

UIPA Guide

Please note that the Hawaii Supreme Court recently held that the deliberative process privilege could not be recognized under the UIPA in its 3-2 decision in Peer News LLC v. City and County of Honolulu, No. SCAP-16-0000114 (Haw. Dec. 21, 2018); see Majority OpinionDissenting Opinion.

Basic UIPA Training Videos

Additional UIPA  Guidance:

UIPA Forms for the Public
UIPA Forms for the Public

UIPA Forms for Agencies
UIPA Forms for Agencies

Log, Training, Instructions, FAQ, Reports


The Law
Chapter 92: Public Agency Meetings and Records

Summary:  Sunshine Law Amendments Allowing Remote Meetings – July 8, 2021


Sunshine Law Guide

Open Meetings: Guide to the “Sunshine Law” for State and County Boards – rev July 2019

Open Meetings: Guide to the “Sunshine Law” for Neighborhood Boards – rev July 2019

Basic Sunshine Law Training Video

2-part “Basic Sunshine Law” video and training materials, approx. 1.5 hours.  (part 2 revised July 2019)
For the hearing impaired, here is the full transcript of the Basic Sunshine Law training video:
Transcript of Basic Sunshine Law training video (pdf).

Sunshine Law Test
The state Office of Information Practices (OIP) invites you to test your knowledge of Hawaii’s Sunshine Law requiring open public meetings. Certification is given for a passing score (70%) at the end of the test. There are ten questions (multiple choice and true/false), randomly chosen, about the following areas: (1) minutes, (2) meetings & testimony, (3) closed meetings, (4) outside a meeting, and/or (5) notice and agenda.

Additional Sunshine Law Guidance:

  Quick Review:  Roundtable Discussions with Multiple Boards
  Subject to the Sunshine Law –  March 2017

Sunshine Law Forms for Boards:

ADA Accessibility Questions:
For questions about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and its applicability to the online posting of minutes, notices, agendas, and other matters, please contact Hawaii’s Disability and Communications Access Board (DCAB), [email protected],  919 Ala Moana Blvd., Room 101, Honolulu, HI 96814, (808) 586-8121, or visit DCAB’s website at  For questions about the Sunshine Law, please contact OIP.

Although the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is not enforced or administered by the state Office of Information Practices, OIP would like to remind state and county boards that ADA requirements also apply to all public meetings.  The state Disability and Communication Access Board (DCAB) has recently posted on its website “Guidance on the Provision of Auxiliary Aids/Services or Accommodations Due to a Disability at Public Meetings or Events,” which contains sample language that state and county boards should include on their meeting agendas to notify people that an accommodation due to a disability may be requested in advance of a public meeting.  Additionally, according to DCAB, “the agenda and all supporting documents linked to the agenda should be prepared in an accessible format readable by a person with screen-reader software, including the inclusion of alt text (alternative text) behind images.”  Thus, in addition to the state Sunshine Law, boards should comply with federal ADA requirements to ensure that their notices and meetings are accessible to persons with disabilities.




Guide to Appeals to the Office of Information Practices
This guide, in a question and answer format, provides an introduction to the process of administrative appeals to the Office of Information Practices (OIP) from government agency decisions under the Uniform Information Practices Act (UIPA), the Sunshine Law, and certain decisions of the State Department of Taxation to grant or deny access to their records. 

2013 Law and Administrative Rules Governing Appeal Procedures of Hawaii’s Office of Information Practices 
A law review article by OIP Director Cheryl Kakazu Park and Staff Attorney Jennifer Brooks first published at 36 University of Hawai’i Law Review 271 (Winter 2014), which explains the administrative rules regarding appeals to OIP in UIPA and Sunshine Law cases, as well as the law allowing agencies to appeal to the courts from OIP’s decisions.