Please click on the following bolded link to the 56-minute Summary of the Sunshine Law video, which is based on a PowerPoint presentation of the law’s basic requirements, including the remote meeting provisions.   For the more detailed Basic Training on the Sunshine Law, please click here.

In addition to the closed captioned video, OIP has prepared supporting materials for the Sunshine Law Summary that are in accessible formats.  You can click on the bolded links below to use the materials appropriate for your needs.

  1. All 40 notes pages of the Summary, with each slide and accompanying written transcript.
  2. All 40 slides in large print, without the transcript.
  3. OIP’s Sunshine Law Quiz, which you can take to test your knowledge after completing the training.  For board members who need certification of having completed annual training, you can print out your score of 70% or better as your certification.