Openline Newsletter

Current and past issues of Openline (pdf), the newsletter of the Office of Information Practices, State of Hawaii.

December 2011
Sunshine Law Quiz: Test Your Knowledge; Sunshine Law Help on OIP’s Website

August 2011
Q&A: OIP Facts (including: What does OIP do? What resources does OIP have to do its job? What are OIP’s priorities? What’s new at OIP? How does OIP obtain compliance? What happens if an agency refuses to comply? Can agencies appeal in court to challenge an OIP opinion?)

July 2011
OIP Looks to the Future: 2012 Legislative Proposals; Governor Appoints New Director: Cheryl Kakazu Park; OIP Offers New Training: MCPE Credits for Attorneys and Board Training Sessions; OIP Updates Its Guides

February 2011
2011 Legislature: Bills of Interest; Summaries of OIP Formal Opinion Letters (Workers’ Compensation Records; Traffic Accident Data); Summaries of OIP Informal Opinion Letters (Unemployment Insurance Benefits Records)

December 2010
Summaries of OIP Formal Opinion Letters (Ethics Commission Opinions; Settlement Proceeds Paid by County’s Private Insurers; Form of Record; Limitation on Employer Actions; RICO Investigative Records); Reminder: Legislation Affecting the UIPA or Sunshine Law; Access or Not?: Data Maintained on Excel Worksheet or in a Word Document

November 2010
2011 Legislative Session: Got Legislation? (Seek OIP Guidance Before Submitting Bills Affecting Boards or Records); Invitation to Boards (Bill to Allow Members to Hear Testimony When Meeting Must Be Cancelled); OIP Welcomes E-mail Transmittals

October 2010
Summary of OIP Formal Opinion Letter (Hawaiian Humane Society as Agency; Animal Control Enforcement Records); Summaries of OIP Informal Opinion Letters (Hawaii Access to Justice Commission Subject to UIPA; and Unemployment Insurance Benefits Hearing Transcript); OpenPoint: Agency or Not?; OIP Welcomes E-mail Transmittals

July 2010
2010 Legislative Wrap-Up: Information Practices (New Laws: UIPA; Sunshine Law) (Bills that Failed)

June 2010
Summary of OIP Opinion Letter (Protests Filed on RFPs); OpenPoint: Procurement Records

January 2010
OIP Bills Pending for the 2010 Legislative Session; OIP Bids Aloha to Director Paul Tsukiyama; Recent OIP Announcements (Notice Regarding Furlough Days, Effect of Current Budget Restrictions on OIP Operations, Recent Court Ruling Regarding Disclosure of Executive Meeting Minutes)

June 2009
2009 Legislative Wrap-Up: Information Practices (Bills Proposed by OIP, Other Sunshine Law Bills; Other UIPA Bills); OIP Informal Opinion Letters

February 2009
2009 Legislature: Sunshine Law Bills (Receiving Testimony or Presentations Without a Quorum; Concurrence for Emergency Meetings; Electronic Filing of Meeting Notices on State Calendar); OIP Annual Report 2008

November 2008
Summaries of Recent OIP Opinions (Boards Created by Resolution; Council Member Participation at Committee Meetings When Not Assigned to the Committee); Recent Additions to OIP’s Website (Acts 20 and 153; New Form to Seek OIP Limited Meeting Concurrence; Executive Memorandum 08-06; State Calendar; Overview of the Website); OIP to Distribute OpenLine by E-mail

August 2008
State Boards Must Post Meeting Notices on State Calendar; Using the State Calendar; 2008 Acts Affecting Sunshine Law: Act 20 – Board Meeting Where Public Attendance Is Not Practicable; Act 153 – Special Sunshine Exceptions for Neighborhood Boards

May 2008
Recent Court Cases Under the UIPA and the Sunshine Law: Right to Know Committee v. City Council; Olelo: The Corporation for Community Television v. OIP

April 2008
2008 Legislative Update; Welcome to New Staff Attorney Linden Joesting; Summaries of Recent OIP Opinion Letters (Police Blotter Information; Right to Present Testimony; Applications for Permits to Enter Marine Refuge)

January 2008
Welcome to OIP’s New Director Paul Tsukiyama; 2008 Legislative Preview; OpenPoint: Steps Boards Should Take to Comply with the Sunshine Law when Participating in the Legislative Process

October 2007
OpenPoint: Information Regarding Government Employee Misconduct; Summaries of Recent OIP Opinion Letters (Employee Misconduct Information; Personal Information in Land Records)

June-July 2007
Aloha to Director Kondo; OpenPoint: Fees and Waivers; Summaries of Recent OIP Opinion Letters (Energy Infrastructure Security; Agenda Sufficiency)

April-May 2007
2007 Legislature Review; Sunshine Week 2007 Recap; Summaries of Recent OIP Opinion Letters (Firearm Permit Information; Motions to Reconsider; Public Testimony)

October-November 2006
Sunshine Law and UIPA Presentation; Records Report System Training; OpenPoint – Asking For A Requester’s Identity; Disclosure of Executive Meeting Minutes; Case Law From Other Jurisdictions

August-September 2006
Sunshine Law & UIPA Training Announcement; OpenPoint – UIPA Requests – Fees & Costs; Written Testimony Implicating Privacy Interests of a Third Party; Amendment of Agenda; Meeting Notice Filing Requirement

April-July 2006
Legislative Wrap-Up; UIPA Agency Audit; Finance Investigative Task Force; Student-Athlete Drug Testing Records; Records Report Update Reminder

January-March 2006
National Sunshine Law Week; 2006 Legislative Session; Court Affirms OIP Opinion on Serial Communications; UH Library’s Plantation Archives

October-December 2005
Sunshine Law & UIPA Workshops; Serial One-on-One Communications; UIPA Reference Handbook Announcement; Emergency 911 Tape; CVCC Criminal Case Records

September 2005
Recent OIP Opinions (Inmate Records & Regulations on Inmate Access Rights; Samples of Live Organisms; Responses to Agency Survey; Public Testimony When Non-Sunshine Law Requirements Apply; Closing Building to the Public – Unreasonable Delay to Start of Public Meeting); Staff Update

July-August 2005 – Vol. 17, No. 4 (No Newsletter)

June 2005
2005 Legislative Wrap-Up: Information Practices; Model Forms on the OIP Website; Recent OIP Opinion (University of Hawaii Campus Security Records); Staff Update

April-May 2005
Summaries of Recent OIP Opinions (Traffic Accident Reports and Data; Cellular Telephone Invoices; Speaking at Public meetings on Matters Outside the Agenda; Executive Meetings to Interview Mayor’s Appointees); Staff Update

January-March 2005
Summaries of Recent OIP Opinion Letters (Charter Provision Providing Greater Disclosure; Transcript of Administrative Hearing Protected by Confidentiality Statute; Personal Calendars and Telephone Message Slips Not Government Records; Records to be Provided in Requested Format); OpenPoint: The Privacy Exception

October 2004
Records Report System Now on the Internet; OIP Web Site: RRS Instructions, User’s Guide, and Link to the Database; Filing Meeting Notices With Lieutenant Governor; OIP’s Forms on the Internet; Staff Update

August-September 2004
Summaries of Recent OIP Opinion Letters (Disclosure of Intra-office E-mail Messages; Disclosure of Forecasts Prepared by Staff; Disclosure of Personal Information on Petitions and Nominating Papers; Disclosure of List of Voters); OpenPoint: The Deliberative Process Privilege

July 2004
Sunshine Law Workshop Scheduled for August 5; Sunshine Law on the Internet; OIP’s New Guide to the Sunshine Law Available Online; Table of Statutes for OIP Opinion Letters; Recent OIP Opinion (Anonymous Testimony and Liability for Disclosure of Records Containing Defamatory Statements); Staff Update

May-June 2004
2004 Legislative Wrap-Up: Information Practices; Sunshine Training for Boards and Commissions Set for August; Staff Update

April 2004
Opinion Letter Summaries: UH, Tourism, Police Commission (Evaluation and Expectations of University of Hawaii President; Tourism Data; Honolulu Police Commission Records; Disclosure of Court Abstracts); Distribution of Opinion Letters

March 2004
Summaries of Recent OIP Opinion Letters (Records of Deceased Persons; Oversight Committee for the First Circuit Family court; Records Pertaining to Kahana Valley State Park Interpretive Leases; Oahu Island Burial Council; Views of Non-Board Members Included in Minutes)

January-February 2004
OIP Bills Affecting Information Practices and Open Meetings; OIP Opinions (Legislative Testimony Polling; Office of Disciplinary Counsel and Disciplinary Board)

December 2003
Highlights from the 2003 Annual Report; New Year’s Wishes

November 2003
Interagency Sharing of Records: What You Should Know; OIP Opinions on Interagency Disclosure;
OIP Opinion (Closed Investigation of Deputy Attorney General)

October 2003
What’s New on the Web Site (Public Meeting Notice Checklist; Index of Opinion Letters; Opinion Letter Summaries and Text); OIP Opinion (Attorneys’ Presence – Required to Accomplish the Essential Purposes of an Executive Meeting); Executive Meeting Agendas

September 2003
Public Employee Salaries and the UIPA: Disclosure of University’s Contract with Head Football Coach (OIP Opinion Letter No. 03-16), Prior OIP Opinions on Public Salaries, Why Government Employee Salaries Are Public; Clarification: Disclosure to Auditor

August 2003
Summaries of Recent OIP Opinion Letters (Police Department Mug Shots; Charter Schools and the UIPA; Evidence from Pending Police Investigation File; Attendance at Executive Meetings by Parties Other Than Council or Board Members; Views of Non-Board Members Included in Minutes; Disclosure of Grievance File to the Office of the Legislative Auditor); Photocopy Charges

July 2003
HIPAA Rules and the UIPA: A Short Guide; HIPAA Information on the Internet; OIP Opinion (Kauai Planning Commission and Subdivision Committee Meetings); Staff Update

June 2003
OIP Guidance: Open Meetings: Notices, Agendas, & Testimony; Electronic Transmission of Testimony; OIP Opinion (Voting in Executive Meetings); Staff Update

May 2003
2003 Legislative Wrap-Up: Information Practices; Opinion Letter Summaries Online; OIP Opinions (‘Olelo Board Member’s Resume; HIPAA and Part II of the UIPA; Electronic Transmission of Testimony)

April 2003
OIP’s Web Site: New Look, Easy to Use; OIP Opinions (Sunshine Law: Charter School Boards; Crime Victim Compensation Commission; Judicial Selection Commission List of Nominees); New Openline Distribution

January-March 2003
Governor Appoints New Director: Les Kondo; 2003 Legislative Update: Bills Affecting Information Practices; OIP Opinion (Attorney-Client Privilege); Staff Update

December 2002
Highlights from the 2002 Annual Report; Investigation: Responding to Requests; New Year’s Wishes

November 2002
Summaries of Recent OIP Opinion Letters (Sunshine Law and County Council Members Before Taking Office; Adjudicative Records of the Judiciary; State’s FAMIS Accounting System Subject to UIPA); On Being Thankful; Staff Update; Next Month in Openline

October 2002
Patsy Mink: Pioneer for Open Government; Farewell at the State Capitol; OIP Opinions (Schedule of Maximum Allowable Medical Fees; Actions on Bills and Resolutions Without Notice)

September 2002
Summaries of Recent OIP Opinion Letters (Availability of Minutes of Open Meetings; PEG Access Organizations ‘Olelo and Ho’ike Subject to UIPA); Where to Find Opinion Letters

August 2002
More States Create Open Records Agencies; FOI Information on the Internet; OIP Opinion (Agency Maintenance of Records Submitted by Private Entity; When Is a Person Not a Human Being?)

July 2002
OIP Conducts Training for DLNR and DAGS; Minutes of Executive Meetings; OIP Opinions (Records Protected from Disclosure by Court Order; Reports of Real Property Interests Held or Acquired by Foreign Persons); Staff Update; Next Month: Open Records in New Jersey

June 2002
Deadlines to Remember: The Clock Is Ticking!; OIP Opinion (Limits on Oral Testimony at County Council Meetings); Photocopy Charges; Staff Update

May 2002
2002 Legislative Wrap-Up: Information Practices; OIP Guidance on Disclosure of Agency Records and Information to Auditors

April 2002
Recent OIP Opinion Letters (Public’s Right to Testify; Routing Record Requests Through an Agency’s Executive; Request for Disclosure of Settlement Agreement Between an Agency and a Private Party); OIP’s Latest Annual Report Available Online; Staff Update

January-March 2002
2002 Legislative Update: Bills Affecting Information Practcies; Terrorism, Security, and the UIPA’s Frustration Exception

December 2001
Meeting Notices and Agendas Now Online; Settlement Agreement Between UH and Mouse Cloning Scientists: Public or Confidential?; OIP Opinion (Attorney Work Product); New Year’s Wishes

November 2001
OIP’s Attorney of the Day Service; OIP Opinion (Disclosure of Sexual Harassment Complaint Investigation Records)

October 2001
Hawaii County Receives UIPA and Sunshine Training; OIP Opinion (Disclosure of Inmate Information); OIP Guidance: Disclosure of HIV and AIDS Status; Staff Update

September 2001
Fielding Record Requests; Model Forms; Visit Us On the Web; A Message from the Director

July 2001
Personnel Records vs. Personal Records; Hollywood Mystery: Who Stole Florida Police Data?; Privacy of Health Care Information

June 2001
Personal Government Records and the Law; OIP Opinions (Sunshine Law Applied to Neighborhood Vision Teams; Real Property Tax Information Made Confidential by Ordinance); OIP Notes

May 2001
2001 Legislative Wrap-Up: Information Practices; OIP Opinion (Historic Preservations Records Public); Staff Update

July-August 2000
Medical Records Privacy Law: Update; Recent OIP Opinions (Public Disclosure of Legislative Materials; DHS Fair Hearing Decisions); Notes from the Editor

April-June 2000
2000 Legislative Wrap-Up: Information Practices; Recent OIP Opinion (Persons Named in Criminal Law Enforcement Investigations); We’ve Moved!; Staff Update; Notes from the Editor

January-March 2000
2000 Legislative Update: Bills Affecting Information Practices

November-December 1999
Recent OIP Opinions (Building Permit Information; Seniors Mailing List; Identity of Complainants to DOH; Identities of Complainants to DLNR Harbor Staff); Open Meetings Law Online; Staff Update

October 1999
Open Meetings; Timely Access; Privacy Study; OIP Opinion (Attempted Disclosure of Government Record While OIP Opinion Is Pending)

September 1999
OIP and State Libraries Promote Public Access; New OIP Publications; Staff Update

August 1999
New Model Forms for Record Requests and Responses; Frequent Inquiries: Record Requests, Fees, Photocopies; Act 87 Protects Privacy of Health Care Information

June-July 1999
Privacy of Health Care Information; Public Official Jailed for Public Records Law Violation in Florida; OIP Opinion (DLNR Vessel Registartion Application Forms); Staff Update

May 1999
1999 Legislative Wrap-Up; Staff Update

April 1999
Quick Guide to the New OIP Rules; OIP Opinion (Disclosure of Police Reports); Staff Update

March 1999
1999 Legislative Update: Bills Affecting Information Practices; OIP Opinion (Disclosure of Employee Misconduct Records)

January-February 1999
New Rules Take Effect February 26; Q&A: Charges for Photocopies; Bills Affecting Photocopy Charges; Highlights from OIP’s Annual Report 1998

December 1998
Rules Adopted Pending Governor’s Approval; OIP Guidance: Please Identify Yourself; OIP Opinion (Monthly Outstanding Checks Reports; Police Internal Affairs Investigation Reports); Mele Kalikimaka!; Staff Update

September 1998
Proposed Rules Amended, New Hearing Set; Attorney of the Day Service

August 1998
Public Hearing Scheduled for Proposed Rules; What’s New at the OIP Web Site

July 1998
Mid-Summer Report from the Director; Staff Update

May-June 1998
1998 Legislative Wrap-Up; OIP Opinions (Disclosure of Hospital Eligible Charges; Attorney Work Product); Brief Notes

April 1998
Public Records Rules Approved for Public Hearing; Informational Briefings Set; New Web Site for OIP; What Are the Agencies’ Responsibilities to Individuals?

March 1998
What Records Are Restricted or Closed by Law?; OIP Opinion (Honolulu Ethics Commission Advisory Opinions); Legislative Update; Staff Update

February 1998
Bills Affecting Information Practices

January 1998
Highlights from the 1997 Annual Report; OIP Opinions (Hawaii Natural Heritage Program Database; Experience Certificates in Applications for Contractors Licenses)

December 1997
The OIP Offers Legislative Assistance; OIP Internet Highlight Site: State Procurement Office; RRS Subsystem Information Report Required; New Year’s Wishes; Staff Update

November 1997
New Workshop in UIPA Basics; Records Not Available to the Public; OIP Opinion (Requests for Government Records That Do Not Exist); State of Hawaii Attorney General Opinion Letters Online; On Being Thankful; Staff Update