The Records Report System

The Records Report System (RRS) was developed in 1993 to comply with a legislative mandate [Haw. Rev. Stat. § 92F-18(b)]. That part of the UIPA, Hawaii’s public records law, requires State and county government agencies to make a public report describing the records they maintain. The RRS lists record titles. It does not contain the actual individual records. The RRS reports contain no confidential information.

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The RRS is a large computerized database, containing a description of 29,000 record titles. It can assist you in identifying the various types of records maintained by State and county government agencies.

The RRS will tell you the following about a record title:

  • how the record is stored and retrieved;
  • the title, business address, and telephone number of the officer in charge of the record;
  • the retention period for the record;
  • whether the record is public or confidential;
  • whether it is a personal record;
  • the legal authority for maintaining the record;
  • uses of the record, and the categories of routine users of the record.

If you have questions about the RRS, contact the Office of Information Practices.

The record information in this system is reported by the agencies, who are responsible for updating the information. OIP does not maintain the records nor does it review the RRS data submitted by agencies for accuracy, including whether a particular record should be public or confidential. If a record title is identified as being publicly accessible, a particular record of that type could nevertheless be subject to redaction or withholding by the agency if that record contains information made confidential by law. Similarly, if a record title has been designated as confidential by the agency, a particular record of that type may nevertheless be subject to disclosure under the law. Upon request, OIP will examine specific records to determine whether they must be publicly disclosed pursuant to the UIPA.