RRS Page for Agencies

Information and materials for State and county agencies

RRS Agency Login Site (you must have a login name and password to log in)

Login Request Form (pdf)
Login Request Form (fillable form, in MS Word)
The site for agencies to add, edit, and delete their RRS records, and to print any of the ten RRS reports, is on the State’s Next Generation Network (“NGN”). If your agency is connected to the NGN, you can request a login with this form.

Agency Training Guide: How to Report & Update Agency Records (pdf) (updated May 2017)
This guide leads the agency user though most of the resources on this page, in four steps:
Internet Access to RRS; Reporting Agency Records; Staying Current; and RRS Reports Online

Data Entry Form (pdf)
Data Entry Form (MS Word)

Data Entry Instructions (pdf)
Data Entry Instructions (MS Word)

Data Entry Tips (pdf)
Use these data entry tips with the Data Entry Instructions.

Data Entry: Pulldown Menus (pdf)
For some of the fields in the RRS there are pulldown menus to help the user. This is a list of the contents of the pulldown menus. If you are adding or editing records for the RRS, or involved in the review process, this list may be helpful.

RRS Site for Agency Users
Once you have your RRS login, click to go to the agency site on the NGN. Use your new login and temporary password to log in. Then you can change your password.

Reporting Case Files (pdf)
Guidance on how to report case files, such as “Personnel File,” “Correspondence File,” “Research File,” and “Client File.”

Determining Access Classification
A quick guide to using the UIPA to determine a record’s access classification when reporting the record on the RRS. Includes some tips on browsing the RRS for answers.

Disclosure of Personnel Records (pdf)
Issued September 7, 2011, these guidelines cover the disclosure of government records concerning State and county employees (“personnel records”) under the UIPA. These guidelines revise OIP Guidelines No. 1 & 2 on the same subject matter.

Guide to the 10 RRS Reports for Agency Users (pdf)
A guide to creating the 10 RRS reports for agency users. These reports sort and organize the information in a department’s RRS records. The guide also suggests ways to use the reports to manage records and information.

Annual Update Kit (pdf)
Instructions to agencies for completing the annual update of each department’s public report of records. Includes information on why, when, and how to update; how to report the additional statistical information; and where to call when there are questions.

Report of Statistical Information Required by the UIPA, Section 92F-18(b)(12) (used prior to October 2012) NOTE: Beginning in October 2012, the reporting of statistical information will be done with the UIPA Record Request Log.  The UIPA Record Request Log is a new tool for agencies to track their written requests for records, track their response, and calculate fees and costs.  Click here for Instructions and Training on the UIPA Record Request Log.



If you have questions about the RRS, please call the Office of Information Practices at (808) 586-1400 and ask for the Records Report Specialist, or email your questions to OIP.