Posted on Apr 16, 2020 in Featured, What's New

During this unprecedented COVID-19 emergency when the Sunshine Law has been partially suspended and people have been ordered to shelter at home, several boards have used technology to hold virtual public meetings so that they can continue to do their important work with public participation while keeping everyone safe from infection.  We don’t know when this emergency will end, or a new one will arise, so the State Office of Information Practices (OIP) has collected tips and best practices from boards that have held virtual meetings.  In addition to OIP’s previously posted What’s New article on March 23, 2020, OIP has also prepared guidance for boards and agencies contemplating the use of virtual meetings during this COVID-19 emergency.  OIP thanks the boards that shared their experiences with us, especially the Board of Education (BOE) and the UH Board of Regents (BOR).

Click here for tips and best practices on how to conduct virtual public meetings during this COVID-19 emergency.  For questions about the Sunshine Law itself, OIP’s Attorney of the Day can be best reached by emailing [email protected].

Stay safe and healthy, everyone!