Posted on Aug 17, 2023 in Featured, What's New

The State Office of Information Practices (OIP) has updated its Sunshine Law training materials to reflect two new laws:  Act 019 (SB 1513), which requires a board to report its discussion and any final action it took in an executive session when it reconvenes in public session, and Act 125 (HB 712, HD 1, SD 1), which encourages boards to keep recordings of remote meetings online, requires a copy of a recording be sent to the State Archives before  a board removes a remote meeting recording from its website, and requires the beginning of a board’s written minutes to include a link to an electronic audio or video recording of the meeting if such a recording is available online.  A more detailed summary of each law was provided in OIP’s July 7, 2023 What’s New article.

To help board members and staff understand their responsibilities and the public to know their rights, the following Sunshine Law training materials have been updated to reflect the new laws:

Written Guidance:

Sunshine Law Guide for State and County Boards

Sunshine Law Guide for Neighborhood Boards

In Depth Sunshine Law Requirements for Multi-Site and Remote Meetings

Quick Review:  Sunshine Law Requirements for Remote Meetings

Quick Review:  Sunshine Law Requirements for Public Meeting Minutes

Quick Review:  Executive Meetings Closed to the Public

Slideshows and Quiz:

Basic Sunshine Law Training Video and Materials, Parts 1 and 2

Summary of the Sunshine Law

Sunshine Law Quiz

The Sunshine Law Quiz is a good way to test your knowledge of the law, or to ensure that board members and staff have undertaken OIP’s training.

OIP has also posted an updated, unofficial version of the Sunshine Law statute, which contains all amendments enacted by the new laws.  Please note that the amendments made by Act 125, SLH 2023 to sections 92-3.7(b)(6) and 92-9(a) do not actually go into effect until October 1, 2023, but boards can voluntarily begin complying with them immediately.