Sunshine Law Training Videos

The state Office of Information Practices is pleased to provide you with a new training video to provide in-depth training on the Sunshine Law. The video is a PowerPoint presentation with a voice-over and comes in two parts, which will take a total of approximately 1-½ hours to complete. The video has been updated to reflect the changes in the law from the 2012 legislative session.

OIP is using technology to efficiently leverage its limited resources. These on-line videos (including a new training video on the Uniform Information Practices Act) provide the same content that OIP formerly presented in person, and they are now more readily available 24/7 to all government agencies as well as members of the public. By asking agencies to first view these videos for basic training on the open government laws, OIP can more effectively follow-up with specialized in-person training to answer questions and focus on agencies’ specific areas of concern.

Basic Sunshine Law training video, part 1 (streaming)

Basic Sunshine Law training video, part 2 (streaming) – rev July 2019

Once a video begins playing, you can download and save it to RealPlayer by mousing over the video and then clicking in the upper right on “Download This Video.” (If you need to download the free RealPlayer to your computer, go to

For the hearing impaired, here is the full transcript of the Basic Sunshine Law training video:
Transcript of Basic Sunshine Law training video (pdf).


Materials for Basic Sunshine Law training: 

  1. Sunshine Law training slides handout (pdf)
  2. Sunshine Law training bad agenda (pdf)
  3. Sunshine Law training good agenda (pdf)
  4. Agenda guidance (pdf)
  5. Open Meetings: Guide to “The Sunshine Law” for State and County Boards (pdf, print in landscape) – rev July 2019