Posted on Aug 13, 1992 in Formal Opinions

Opinion Letter No. 92-13
August 13, 1992
Audio Tape Recording of Public Meeting

The State Office of Veterans Services (OVS) must disclose the audio tape recording of a public meeting held by the State Commission on Memorials for Veterans of the Korean and Vietnam Conflicts (Commission). The OIP determined that the audio tape recording of the Commission’s public meeting is a “government record” under the UIPA and that none of the exceptions to required disclosure applies to this government record. Also, section 92F-12(a)(16), Hawaii Revised Statutes, expressly requires an agency to make available for public inspection and copying “[i]nformation contained in or compiled from a transcript . . . of a proceeding open to the public.” Therefore, upon receiving a request for the disclosure of the audio tape recording of the Commission’s meeting, the OVS cannot fulfill its obligations by merely disclosing the written meeting minutes.

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