Posted on Oct 27, 1989 in Formal Opinions

Opinion Letter No. 89-02
October 27, 1989
Executive Search Committee Report

[OIP Op. Ltr. No. 05-03 partially overrules this opinion to the extent that it states or implies that the UIPA’s privacy exception in section 92F-13(1), HRS, either prohibits public disclosure or mandates confidentiality.]

The names of individuals recommended for selection in an Executive Search Report pertaining to the special master for State corrections should not be made available for public inspection and copying where such individuals were not ultimately appointed to the position. Information about the training and experience of the individual appointed to the position should be made available for public inspection and copying. Information about the unsuccessful applicants must remain confidential to avoid the frustration of the legitimate government function of hiring qualified personnel, by deterring individuals from applying for government employment.

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