Posted on Apr 13, 2007 in Formal Opinions

Opinion Letter No. 07-06
April 13, 2007
Sufficiency of Agenda

Requester sought an advisory opinion on whether the Maui County Salary Commission provided sufficient notice under the Sunshine Law to allow its action to approve proposed salaries for certain Maui County officers set forth in the Commission’s revised comprehensive salary model. The specific question presented was whether the Commission could properly take action on an agenda item listed where the Agenda did not expressly indicate that a decision would be made on that item or the nature of the decision.

OIP found that the Commission’s agenda provided sufficient notice of the subject matter of the item to allow the Commission’s action to approve an issue arising directly under the item listed.

An agenda must provide notice of the matters that the Commission intends to consider at its meeting by listing the matters with enough detail to reasonably allow the public to understand the subject of the matter to be considered. The agenda does not need to specifically notice that a decision may be made on an item or the exact nature of that decision as long as it reasonably arises under the subject matter listed.

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