Posted on Aug 21, 2006 in Formal Opinions

Opinion Letter No. 06-06
August 21, 2006
Meeting Notice Filing Requirement

An advisory opinion was sought as to whether the Sunshine Law allows the filing of a meeting notice with the office of the lieutenant governor (for state boards) or the appropriate county clerk’s office (for county boards) after normal business hours on the sixth day prior to the meeting for which the notice is being filed.

OIP found that because a calendar day under the Sunshine Law should be construed to extend until midnight, the statute allows a meeting notice to be filed until midnight on the sixth calendar day prior to the meeting for which it is being filed. However, whether the appropriate government office will accept the notice for filing until midnight is a policy question for each office responsible for accepting such filings. Thus, each office may adopt its own procedures for filing, including procedures to allow boards to file their notices after the office’s normal business hours.

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