Posted on Sep 22, 2004 in Formal Opinions

Opinion Letter No. 04-16
September 22, 2004
Records to be Provided in Requested Format

Government records required to be disclosed under the UIPA that are maintained in electronic format generally must be provided to a requester in paper format if requested. Under the UIPA and the OIP rules, an agency must make reasonable efforts to accommodate record requesters.

In this instance, the agency maintained a business directory in electronic format with public access available through its website. The agency could, however, convert the directory to paper format without unreasonable interference with its functions.

Accordingly, the OIP instructed the agency that, although it could advise requesters of the directory’s availability on its website, it must provide a paper copy of that directory when so requested. Prepayment of fees authorized by the OIP rules can be required.

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