The Uniform Information Practices Act (Modified), chapter 92F, Hawaii Revised Statutes (“UIPA”), is Hawaii’s public records law. The Office of Information Practices (“OIP”) was created by the Legislature in 1988 to administer the UIPA.



OIP’s Summary of  FY 2014 Master Log (March 2015):

OIP’s Summary of FY 2014 Master Log (pdf)
Totals-at-a-Glance (pdf)
Table 10: FY 2014 Fees & Costs Collected (by agency for completed requests) (pdf)
Table 10 Supplement: Summary of Fees & Costs Paid by Requesters (pdf)


UIPA Training Video
Basic UIPA training video and materials

UIPA Record Request Log
Log, Training, Instructions, FAQ

UIPA Guide
“Open Records” Guide to Hawaii’s Uniform Information Practices Act

The Law

Uniform Information Practices Act (Modified), Chapter 92F, Hawaii Revised Statutes (“UIPA”)

Additional UIPA Guidance
Public interest fee waivers
Response to complex record requests
Disclosure of personnel records
Disclosure to auditors
Quick Review: Responding to a Personal Record Request
Quick Review: The ABCs of Redaction
Quick Review: Requester Has Responsibilities and Requirements
Before an Agency Must Provide Records

Note:  For quick guidance regarding responding to record requests (e.g, time limits, notice, fees, and other topics), see the Rules page and the Quick Guide to OIP’s Administrative Rules.


Guide to Appeals to the Office of Information Practices
This guide, in a question and answer format, provides an introduction to the process of administrative appeals to the Office of Information Practices (OIP) from government agency decisions under the Uniform Information Practices Act (UIPA), the Sunshine Law, and certain decisions of the State Department of Taxation to grant or deny access to their records. 

2013 Law and Administrative Rules Governing Appeal Procedures of Hawaii’s Office of Information Practices 
OIP Director Cheryl Kakazu Park and Staff Attorney Jennifer Brooks wrote 2013 Law and Administrative Rules Governing Appeal Procedures of Hawaii’s Office of Information Practices for first publication at 36 University of Hawai’i Law Review 271 (Winter 2014).

If you require an auxiliary aid or accommodation due to a disability, please contact (808) 586-1400 or email oip@hawaii.gov.