UIPA Records Request Log Update

Posted on Feb 1, 2013 in What's New

The state Office of Information Practices (OIP) congratulates those who have uploaded their UIPA Records Request Log totals to the new Master Log on data.hawaii.gov. As of the end of January, nine departments and 47 agencies had uploaded their UIPA totals for the period July 1, 2012, through December 31, 2013. Other departments and agencies are also in the processing of uploading their UIPA totals for that period to comply with the UIPA’s reporting requirements.

Based on users’ experiences, OIP has posted a Tip Sheet for UIPA Log Users on the OIP website’s training page (https://files.hawaii.gov/oip/training.html). The Tip Sheet is a one-page list of helpful tips for (1) completing the UIPA Record Request Log and (2) uploading agency Log totals onto the Master Log at data.hawaii.gov.

Tip #1 is “Follow the training guides closely.” The training guides, located on the OIP’s training page, take agency users through the process, step-by-step. These training guides, which feature screen shots and detailed instructions, have been well received.

Alvin Tamashiro, at the Department of Accounting and General Services, wrote that “The on-line training materials are excellent.” Alvin was unable to attend the October training session, and relied on the on-line materials to learn how to fill out the Log. Lei Fukumura, at the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, told OIP that the UIPA Record Request Log helps their agency comply with the law when responding to record requests. She added that the Log pointed out a need for agency personnel to learn more about the UIPA, using the on-line basic training materials that are also on the OIP’s website.

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