Posted on Apr 2, 2015 in Featured, What's New

The state Office of Information Practices (OIP) has created a new “Tip Sheet for UIPA Log Users,” which is posted on its training page for the UIPA Record Request Log at oip.hawaii.gov.  The Tip Sheet provides helpful reminders of how to record data on the Log, upload agency totals onto the Master Log, and respond to requests for copies of an agency’s Log.

While reviewing agencies’ FY 2014 Logs for OIP’s Report (see March 20, 2015 What’s New), OIP found and corrected a number of reporting errors.  For example, automatic calculations did not work because numbers had been manually entered into colored columns or the formulas were modified.  The number of completed records was not accurate because completion dates had not been entered.  More than one outcome was entered to record how a case was resolved.  Fee waivers were not entered.  Search, review, and segregation hours were not properly entered.  Copying and delivery costs were not entered for both gross and net costs.

To avoid making these and other errors, please be sure to follow the reminders listed on the Tip Sheet and review your work before you upload your totals to the Master Log.  And keep looking for more news from OIP about the LOG Awards.

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