Revisions to Notice to Requester and Acknowledgment Forms and Quick Reviews

Posted on May 19, 2014 in Featured, What's New

The state Office of Information Practices has revised the “Notice to Requester” and “Acknowledgment to Requester” forms, which may be found at Non-substantive changes were made to the forms and are intended to provide greater clarity.  Agencies are not required to use the forms, but are required to provide a notice or acknowledgement to a requester within ten business days of receiving a request for government records.

OIP has also updated its Quick Review: Requester Has Responsibilities and Requirements Before an Agency Must Provide Records to remove a provision (formerly on page one) that an agency need not respond to duplicative requests from the same person.  This provision for duplicative requests, currently found in HRS Section 92F-11(b), will be repealed on July 1, 2014, pursuant to the sunset provisions of Act 100, SLH 2010.  Additionally, OIP has revised its Quick Review: Who Board Members Can Talk to and When (Part 2) to clarify paragraph 2 and replace an incorrect citation in paragraph 1.  The revised Quick Reviews have also been posted to OIP’s training page.

Following the enactment of various legislative measures during the 2014 Legislative Session, OIP will be updating its Open Records Guide to Hawaii’s Uniform Information Practices Act and Open Meetings Guide to “The Sunshine Law” to reflect statutory amendments.  If necessary, the various forms and training materials previously distributed or presented by OIP will also be revised.

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