Posted on Dec 23, 2013 in Featured, Main, What's New

The State Office of Information Practices (OIP) is pleased to announce that the newly revised UIPA Record Request Log and the PowerPoint presentation with voiceover have posted to our website at on the training page.  All state Executive Branch agencies, the Judiciary, and the University of Hawaii can start transferring data from their old Logs onto the revised Log, and personnel who missed the earlier training sessions can watch the PowerPoint training at their convenience.  

The PowerPoint training includes the voiceover, as well as the full transcript in the “Notes” mode, so should be easy to follow and understand on your own.  To accompany the PowerPoint training, you will also find the slide handout, 4-part Sample Log, Written Instructions, Frequently Asked Questions, and Evaluation questionnaire.  As of December 20, 76% of the people who have received training on the new Log agreed that the Log should be easy to fill out and will make it easier: (1) to understand the agency’s UIPA responsibilities, (2) to train new people, (3) to keep track of the status of requests, (4) to keep track of time spent fulfilling a request, (5) to keep track of copy/delivery costs, (6) to calculate the total fees and costs that the agency can charge, and (7) to provide better data to manage the  agency’s handling of UIPA record requests; the remaining people agreed on most and only one disagreed with five of these points.    

After the agencies have uploaded their Log “Totals” onto their departments’ Logs, then the departments must transfer their Logs onto the Master Log at by January 31, 2014.  While the counties and independent agencies are not yet required to do this, they are welcome to begin using the Log and can contact OIP for training and to have their agencies added to the drop-down menus.

Thank you for your efforts to use the revised Log properly and to ensure the public’s right to open records and government accountability.