Posted on Jan 6, 2014 in Featured, What's New

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  The State Office of Information Practices is pleased to announce that it will start 2014 with a new way to provide continuing legal education for attorneys.  In addition to the in-person course scheduled for January 13, 2014, OIP will conduct a “webinar” to help attorneys keep abreast of the most significant developments concerning the UIPA and Sunshine Law that occurred in 2013.  The free one-hour course (with one MCPE credit), sponsored by OIP and the Hawaii State Bar Association, will discuss the impacts of the Hawaii Supreme Court’s decision in Kanahele v. Maui County Council, OIP’s appeals rules and personal records decision, and the open data legislation.   Register online for the in-person course, which will be held next Monday, January 13, 2014, from noon to 1:00 p.m., at the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations’ third floor conference room, Room 310.

The “webinar” will be conducted later in January.  OIP will post the same power point presentation with voiceover as a video on our training page at  Registrants can watch the one-hour video after 8 a.m. and on the date to be announced and must fill in two codes on their attendance confirmation forms, which must be emailed or faxed to OIP in order to receive certificates of attendance.  Although there will be no time during the video for registrants to ask questions, OIP’s staff attorneys are always available to answer Attorney of the Day calls and emails.

Keep watching for these What’s New announcements to see when registration will open for the CLE webinar.  For the latest on open government news, check for these archived copies of What’s New articles that are posted here, or e-mailed upon request. To be added to OIP’s e-mail list, please e-mail [email protected].