OIP Updates Training Materials and Statutes and Reminds Agencies to Upload Logs to Data.hawaii.gov

Posted on Jan 10, 2013 in What's New

The State Office of Information Practices (OIP) has improved its power point training on how to use the new UIPA Records Request Log by creating a new video that adds a voice-over to the power point presentation. OIP has also updated the power point with voice-over for its basic Sunshine Law training by including the new provisions enacted in 2012 regarding permitted interactions and interactive conferences. (See part I of the video.) Additionally, OIP has updated the UIPA and Sunshine Law statutes on its website and attached to the Sunshine Law Guide to reflect the new appeals process established by Act 176, SLH 2012, which went into effect on January 1, 2013. These new and updated statutes and training materials are posted on OIP’s website at hawaii.gov/oip, where other guides and information explaining both the UIPA and Sunshine Law can also be accessed.

OIP’s online training videos and power point presentations are tools that Neighbor Island and Oahu agencies can easily use to efficiently train individuals or groups of employees, without having to schedule with OIP in-person training sessions that cover the same information. If the agency has trouble downloading the materials to its own computers to avoid live streaming delays or internet connection issues during a training session, please feel free to contact OIP for assistance in copying the training materials to a CD, thumb drive, or the agency’s own laptop. Additionally, between agency training sessions, or if one to ten employees need a quiet place away from their agencies to be able to focus on the on-line training materials without other distractions, agencies may schedule their employees’ use of a computer and/or projector to study the training at OIP’s office in downtown Honolulu.

Finally, all state executive branch agencies are reminded to upload their UIPA Log Totals to the Master Log on data.hawaii.gov by January 31, 2013. Even if the agency logged no UIPA request, the totals showing zeroes should be uploaded to the Master Log, so that your agency can show that it has complied with the UIPA reporting requirement. Detailed training on how to upload your agency’s Log totals can be found in the UIPA section of the Laws/Rules/Opinions page or via the training link at hawaii.gov/oip.

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