Posted on Feb 22, 2016 in Featured, What's New

The state Office of Information Practices (OIP) has been monitoring a number of legislative proposals and provides the summary below of significant bills that are being advanced by the Legislature this year:

Establish a reasonable duty of care to maintain government records:  S.B. 2294, S.D. 1; H.B. 2158, H.D. 1.  These proposals are similar to S.B. 140 that was in conference last year.

Electronic notice and board packets for public meetings:  S.B. 2293, S.D. 1; H.B. 369, H.D. 1.  A similar measure, S.B. 475, was in conference in 2015.

Police body cameras:  S.B. 2411, S.D. 1; H.B. 1738

Repeal UIPA exception from disclosure for suspended police officer records:  S.B. 3016,
S.D. 1

Address confidentiality for domestic violence victims:  S.B. 2318, S.D. 1;
H.B. 1900, H.D. 1

For copies of the bills, committee reports, testimony, committee referrals, status, and other information, please go to the Legislature’s website at capitol.hawaii.gov.