Legislative History

Note:  This page is a work in progress.  OIP has compiled much of the legislative history of the statutes that it administers, and ADA accessible documents have been posted for the public’s convenience and easy access.  Due to the age and condition of many older documents, however, they cannot be readily converted into ADA accessible format and thus have not been posted.  To obtain copies of legislative history that cannot be posted online, please contact OIP.

  1. UIPA – Chapter 92F
    Act 165 SLH 2017
    Act 140 SLH 2015
    Act 133 SLH 2012
    Act 100 SLH 2010
    Act 14 SLH 2007

  2.  Sunshine Law – Part I of Chapter 92
    Act 244 SLH 2019
    Act 63 SLH 2018
    Act 64 SLH 2017
    Act 56 SLH 2016
    Act 221 SLH 2014
    Act 68 SLH 2014

     3.  Other significant statutes
          HRS 231-19.5 tax opinions

Important Pending and Recent Legislation