Posted on Jul 1, 2014 in Featured, What's New

With the start of new fiscal year today, all State Executive Branch departments, all Counties, the Judiciary, the University of Hawaii, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA), and the Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization (OMPO) will begin using the UIPA Record Request Log for FY 2015, which was previously distributed and can also be found on OIP’s training page at  https://oip.hawaii.gov/laws-rules-opinions/uipa/uipa-record-request-log/.

Because the Log is new for the Counties, OHA, and OMPO, these organizations will not be uploading any totals onto the Master UIPA Record Request Year End Log for FY 2014 found on data.hawaii.gov.  Only the State departments, Judiciary, and UH will be uploading their year-end totals onto the Master Log by August 31, 2014.

Also, because the State departments, Judiciary, and UH will be starting FY 2015 with a brand new Log, they no longer have to cut and paste data from their old Logs onto the FY 2015 Log.  Consequently, the December 2013 Log instructions have been revised to eliminate the references to cutting and pasting the old information.  Note that no changes have been made to the instructions on how to fill out the Log itself, which remain intact in the July 2014 version of the written instructions.  The revised Instructions can be found on OIP’s training page.

OIP has been busy training the Counties and OHA on how to use the Log and would like to thank the following persons for their assistance in organizing the training sessions:

Honolulu:            Melissa Miranda-Johnson, Mayor’s Office
Big Island:           Martha Rodillas, Corporation Counsel’s Office
Maui:                   Erin Fleming, Office of Council Services
Kauai:                  Barbara Montemayor, Corporation Counsel’s Office
OHA:                    Edwina Minglana, Training Manager

As a result of our training sessions and questions received from current Log users, OIP has added several questions and answers to the Frequently Asked Questions about the Log, which can also be found on OIP’s training page.

For help with the Log, please contact Michael Little at [email protected] or by calling 586-1400.