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Flyer: September 30 – October 1 HILO flyer (pdf)Registration is now closed for the HILO seminars. Course #1 (Open Records): UIPA Manual; UIPA cover;Shrimp Board records; UIPA Powerpoint Handout; OIP’s August 2011 newsletter; Evaluation;CLE Certificate of Attendance. Course #2 (Open Meetings): Sunshine Guide for state and county boards; Sunshine Guide cover; Shrimp Board bad agenda; Shrimp Board good agenda; Sunshine Powerpoint Handout;OIP’s August 2011 newsletter Evaluation; CLE Certificate of Attendance. Courses ...
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Recent Open Government News

Posted on Aug 16, 2011 in What's New

What’s New: Tweeted Information RequestsAre Valid in the United Kingdom To tweet or not to tweet – the question facing government agencies worldwide. If they choose to tweet, public authorities in England have recently been told that they must respond to records requests sent via government agencies’ Twitter accounts. To link to the article, click here.

The Office of Information Practices (OIP) is pleased to present free seminars providing legal education credits on the open government laws inHonolulu on Wednesday, September 28; in Hilo, on Friday, September 30 and Saturday, October 1; and in Kona on Friday, October 21, 2011. Attorneys can earn one mandatory continuing professional education (MCPE) credit for one course, and possibly ...
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Openline Newsletter

Posted on Aug 15, 2011 in What's New

August 2011Q&A: OIP Facts (including: What does OIP do? What resources does OIP have to do its job? What are OIP’s priorities? What’s new at OIP? How does OIP obtain compliance? What happens if an agency refuses to comply? Can agencies appeal in court to challenge an OIP opinion?)

Sunshine Law Video

Posted on Aug 1, 2011 in What's New

OIP now has a one-hour training video: “Introduction to the Sunshine Law” for board and commission members, and also of interest to the public. You can view the training video here, or go to OIP’s new training page for additional guides and training materials. Hawaii State Office Of Information Practices from Mark Wolf on Vimeo.  Once the video begins playing, you ...
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OIP administers Hawaii’s open government laws: the Uniform Information Practices Act (“UIPA,” Chapter 92F, H.R.S.) mandating open access to public records and the “Sunshine Law” (Part I of Chapter 92, H.R.S.) requiring open public meetings. OIP also maintains the Records Report System, which is an internet database identifying over 27,000 titles of records maintained by ...
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Utah: HB477 and Utah’s open government law … On March 25, 2011, after a special session, Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert repealed a controversial bill that had been passed by the Legislature on March 7 and signed by him on March 8. HB 477 would have changed the state’s Government Records Access and Management Act ...
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Similar to many state agencies, OIP has had a reduction in staff and staff hours and may be facing further budget restrictions in the coming months. To provide assistance to the greatest number of individuals, boards, and agencies requesting OIP’s services, OIP is instituting measures that it believes will best utilize its limited resources to ...
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Open Records: Guide to Hawaii’s Uniform Information Practices Act (pdf, print in landscape) – June 2011 Open Records: Guide to Hawaii’s Uniform Information Practices Act COVER PAGE(pdf) – June 2011  

Open Meetings: Guide to “The Sunshine Law” for State and County Boards (pdf, print in landscape) – June 2011 Open Meetings: Guide to “The Sunshine Law” for State and County Boards COVER PAGE (pdf) – June 2011 Open Meetings: Guide to “The Sunshine Law” for Neighborhood Boards (pdf, print in landscape) – June 2011 Open Meetings: Guide to “The ...
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